Get Laid

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  • Do you sometimes feel like you have no idea whether a woman likes you or not? Yes!

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  • Do you feel envious of your friends (or even strangers), who seem to have all the luck with women while you have little or none? Yes!

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  • Have you ever felt like you’ll never be successful with women and should just accept that? Yes!

  • Have you ever felt remorse about some of your more expensive dates, that ultimately got absolutely nowhere? Yes!

  • Do you feel like you have no idea what’s going on in a woman’s head? Yes!

  • Do you become self-conscious, nervous, and stuttering around attractive women? Yes!

  • Do you get nervous when you’re about to ask a woman’s phone number, ask her out, or kiss her? Yes!

  • Have you ever been confused by a woman’s conflicting and contradictory behaviour? Yes!

  • Have you ever tried to hide your drives and desires from a woman in fear of ridicule? Yes!

  • Have you ever felt like you need to know more about dating and women before even approaching an attractive woman? Yes!

  • Do you feel insecure because you’re not tall, rich, famous, or handsome? Yes!

  • Do you sometimes feel like women have all the power and choice and you have none? Yes!

  • Do you doubt yourself and wonder, why a really attractive woman would ever be interested in you instead of some famous actor, athlete, male model or businessman? Yes!

  • Have you ever felt like your approach will have to be perfect in order to be successful, and if it’s not, you’ll lose everything and the world will come crashing down (so usually you don’t even try)? Yes!

  • Have you ever become immobilized and nervous when you see a woman you’d like to meet and by the time you figure out a good thing to say, she’s gone? Yes!

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Hi, I’m Camper I have partnered with one of the greatest Pick Up Artists to help you guys!

I am deeply disturbed by the amount of guys out there that I hear complaining that they can’t get laid, find a girlfriend, or just cant talk to women resulting in emasculation and excuses.

Getting laid entails a little effort on your part…So, shave off that neckbeard, take a shower, and get rid of that “incel” attitude – women don’t owe you anything.

You owe it to yourself and the preservation of self dignity of all men to change your life and Get Laid!

This page is sponsered by SLS. I have to say from experience that I have gotten laid the most by belonging to the swinging community so check them out once your ready to get out there! You’ll find more on swinging in the information below.

I am sharing the holy grail of getting laid!

This is the book just like we saw in American Pie. – This is an asset to all men!

Ok so enough with the hype: this is what I have…

  1. How_To_Lays_Girls_Guide – This is a .pdf version of “Tony’s Lay Guide” (free edition) Found here –

  2. The retail book: Lay Guide

  3. Tony’s Website with curent updates!

  4. The matrial on Tony’s page inspired the book titled The Game.

This knowledge will forever change your life!

Shortly I will be posting a sex tutoral blog on such things as:

  1. How to finger a girl?

  2. How to eat pussy?

  3. and more!

Watch for it in the top menu!