I’m so horny



lovely ! ! !

“Mmmm baby. Are you horny by any chance? He he!”

“Hee hee yes Sir.”

“I can tell. I like that movement.”

“Maybe I could do it as you fucked me Sir. Just like this.”


“Uhhh baby. Look at you……Fuck. You’re very sexy right now”

“Hee hee, maybe I could make you feel good then Sir”

“Uh yes I think maybe you could.”

“Please may I?”

“Yes you may. Keep moving just like that though ok?”

“Hee hee yes Sir”

“Mmmmm good. I’ll enjoy watching it as you suck my cock”

“Suck your…… oh. I thought….”

“No talking. Use your mouth for better purposes baby.”

“Yes Sir”

“Keep that pussy grinding on nothing but air. Just how it’s meant to be. Good girl”